the Elegy

My Poetry Collection

From heaven to earth…… till death recalls the life with eternity ©

the Elegy

Their cries, their agonies never been addressed
Their hearts bleed to death with an arrow of pain
Those who do not posses respect, dignity and care will be summoned to death

Nobody hears the sound of dropping tears from weeping eyes

the Elegy© is merely a collection of those weeping hearts
These days’ angels visit no earth. They are gone missing
Their curse is now present on earth
Betrayal, calamity and revenge fills in blood carrying spoiling brains become inhumane.

the Elegy© is what I saw what I felt and what I assumed and hardly imagined
This is where I am, the Elegy©, a poetic songs
Ever sung in the middle of an earth which lies between Heaven and hell

the Elegy© brings passion to anger
Peace to war
Love to hatred
White to black


She who made my arrival to earth

She who made my arrival to earth

Mother, the most precious word
She who pierced my vessels
My soul, my heart
She who made my arrival to earth
Converting blood to milk
Feeding my nursery mind

Multiplying earth lives
Love, where love is born for love
Supplying nutritious to foetus, carrying stomach weight
Suffering labour and giving birth to

Who made me to read write addict
Fed me, figured me
Poured best, my teacher
O! Mother, Mother!!
You left me with no reason
Left in the lonely dessert

My life is dead! My soul is buried!!
O! I die I die I die!!!
Consuming indefinite sleep
In this graveyard

O Mother! Mother Angel
My day become night
Sun become moon
Drowning in the darkness ocean

My visit to you in this graveyard
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Let these lilies flowers linger your soul
Let my tears sprinkle these flo wers
My love, my passion, and my feelings
Live forever

Nut shell life

Nut shell life

Moving from one place
Arriving at unknown
O! Lost lost in nut shell

No seed becomes embryo
No rain invaded
No wind travelled through

Moon become sun
Burning my life
Money prohibited
Jobless hopeless life

O! Bloody life!
Crushing my brain
Twisting my mind
Killing my love
Putting me into “No visitors please prison”

Woman Angel

Woman Angel

Meadow fresh
Lipstick flavoured lips
Luscious plumed nipples
Rock melon breasts

Ebony shined thighs
Pinkie birth channel
Carrying honey juice
Flooding the bush

Green eyed
Blinking time to time
Lightning the sun
Waxing the moon

Pink cutexed fingers
Slimmed collarbone
Excellent bone structure
This this this Angel
Beauty is born
Angel of beauty

Lessoned Life

Lessoned life

Born with infant mind
Melting like butter
Corrupting almost
O! Horrible horrible two legged mammal witches
Shameless O! What a charmless
Sucking my red fluid
Consuming my virgin flesh

Most foul conversation
Delivering bloody mouthed instructions

Taken life mine for selling
Mortgage my kindness
Ruined my passion

Delivering bloody lies
This this this pig headed filthy animal woman
Not qualified for womanhood
Not qualified for birth delivering

Let these lips punish my face

Let these lips punish my face

This, this, this lips
Punish my cheeks
I solemnly declare to be the victim
The verdict reads
Thy lips must press on mine cheeks
When moon plays earth
When sun travels earth
O! Those lips!
Tiny lipid lips
Honey flavoured
Lipstick icing red lips

Alas! Let that verdict punish on me
Let that lips stamped on my face
And become “guilty of love”

Saturn return

Saturn return

Born in Saturn sky
Schooling with Jupiter the great
Romance with Julie the Venus princess
Arriving the mercury time
Engraving mine poetic dialect into her Venus heart
O! Sun did not meet waxing moon in the fourth house
Living together sun and mercury
O! Moon tortured moon waning moon
Bringing no welcome to my mind
O! Life is damned!
Twisting worries icing tears

The Elegy

The Elegy

O!What a restless mind
Absorbing worries into arteries
Filling with heart
Feeding back to brain

Alas! What a horrible life I consume
Killing my sleep, filling gas in bowels, drying my throat
Converting into blue blood

This, this, this life, seedless!
Fruitless, isolated in the burning dessert

O! Life is horrible! Damnable!! Lamentable!!!
What a bloody life I lead
To die or not
Lost in tears
Weeping all hours

No plants grow in my eyesight
No winds flow through my region
No birds sing in my presence
Envelope sealed Happiness
Exposing more troubles
Releasing noisy mouthful breath

Let my death divorce worries
Releasing from the mountain high
Hiding in the Ocean deep

Volatile promises
Floating on an empty air
Draining tears made in sorrow

She who gifted me an agony
Agony wrapped with the darkness thick
Betrayal of love
Planted love
Reaping nothing with agony



Laying in the Ebony coffin
With deep silence
No breath I linger, No sight I consume
No Sound I hear yours
Heart stilled, stilled and stilled
Blood cold
Recalling my memories with yours
Overlapping mine with your heart beat
We loved, beloved and loved forever
Where is your heartbeat?
Our love is forever
Till death do us apart
Promise we made is stilled
Let your sweet roses lay on my heart
Let your kisses wet my body
Let your blinking eyes sparkle my eyes
Let your love melt with my soul
These Roses fading on my coffin
Hurting me forever, echoing my cries and sprinkling my tears
Wet your heart and say “Good night sweet Princess”!!!

Print your red lips on my face

Print your red lips on my face

This, this, this lips
Honey waxed
Pouty lipid lips
Vanilla flavoured

O God! Those red lips
Shining in the sunlight
Lightening in moonlight
Reflecting back to my eyes

Beauty is born
Ugly is melted
Red rose borrowed her

Lingering my nose
Those curved lips
My princess’s lips, my heart is melted
My soul is volatile, my feelings freeze!

O those lips! Cutex surfaced Red lips
Calling me, my desires and my poetic hunger
O! I am fallen love with
I am crazy, crazy of hers
Those lips

Print those Red lips on my face
Angel, my sweetheart
My passion, my desire, my hunger
O! I faint! I faint!! I faint!!!
Those icy lips running on my face

Undo love

Undo love

Arrival at unknown
Departing early moments
Shutting down the guns of kisses
No goodbye, no farewell

She who bought the love to my soul
The love of substance
Melodious, joyous, sweetness
Lingering her young smell
The smell of breath
The taste of her lips

O! My darling Angel
An angel from seventh heaven
Bring the body of hers
Golden surfaced skin
Ripen apple soft
Melodious voice
My heart is incarcerated in her soul
My mind lost in her breath

Rainbow colors

Rainbow colors

My fiancée loves to wear lipstick
With rainbow colors
But I must insist
I shall inform her that red is marvellous
She wears rosy French knickers
I shall inform her that black is voluptuous
With lights travel through
She wears glossy rosy colors
Bringing me the long, slim fingers
Not chocolate fingers
But stunning soft hand fingers

I see an afro diamond studded ring
A pearl necklace round the neck

We make love every night
With the bed of roses
Appearing in rainbow colors
Full moon light
O! What a stunning figure I consume
I touch! I kiss! I adore!

She is Julie smith
Do you ever see her in the town?
Walking across wearing tube dress?
Exposing golden feminine shoulder blades
Her eyes are like a blue diamonds
Ivory colour skin
Red glossed lipid lips

Yes, she is Julie
My darling Julie
We met in the dream
Came here to love
Angel from the heaven
With wings to the earth



Isaw the man peeping into garbage bin
Searching for a beer of can
The beer of can with a logo, van
There is no pan
For him to cook meat with the color of tan

He freezes in the winter
He is not a mendicant
But he is the character of Charles dickens

He had halves of bread with turkey wine
Wearing unwashed polymer jacket
Kicking an empty can of beer

He is funky
Sitting in the middle on the pavement
In the Melbourne city hall

He speaks queen’s language
With Scottish accent
I saw he is dancing on the banana alley
And climbing the queen’s bridge

He is Simon Smith
With a cow boy hat holding beer can all time
May I have a two dollar please, sir?

Arabian Princess

Arabian Princess

Untimely arrival
Crossing Sandy desert in to an oasis
Hiding behind Arabian veil
Killing her lust
Murdering her aggressive feelings

Alas these lips
Virgin lips, sinking in the silvery water
Diving in the red sea
Our lips become still
Twisting like an ocean waves

This, this, this angel
Fully blown black rose
Placed between pillars of ebony thighs

My lips bleeding
Those thorny petals
Bees playing around for honey

Virgin flesh
Lingering smell
Virgin black rose in the Arabian valley!!!

I die I fail I faint in the kisses rain
You sing love song into my heart

We made love in the candle light
We touched, we kissed and we adored on the silky carpet
Moon rays reflects into your naked body
Sun cried for your beauty

We never love like this again
Our cries echoes in the Arabian Desert
Your smell linger in my soul

I drink your tears
Pain in the heart, agony in the soul, sorrow in the life
Echoes in the Arabian caves
You, Arabian princess
The most beautiful princess in the Arabian valley

Bleeding Roses

Bleeding Roses

Red roses of love
Laying on my coffin
O! I Unreachable O! Unreachable
The smell of Roses!
Feel of Roses

My brain faculties unknown
My eyes closed
My mouth shut
My nose prohibited

I hear the blood dripping into my coffin
O! Roses bleeding!
O! Bleeding and bleeding!
These Roses fading
Pale petals
Colours burnt
No more virgin Roses

Red Rose

Red Rose

Red roses of love
My melodious song searches your love
Crossing the ocean
Newly born spring rose
Lingering my nose
Crossing my eyes
Oh Red Rose!!! My red Rose

Your voice makes me sleep
Filling my desire, keeping my sweet dreams
So I loved her! I consumed her perfumed smell
Thee my red Rose I love you!!!

You made me living
Who brought this gorgeou
s Red Rose! Alas! My Red Rose breaks my heart
Whole my body and soul
Let my breath kisses you
Pulling me aside
This is my red Rose!, this is my red Rose!!, this is my red Rose!!!

Thorny petals

Thorny petals

Let thy lips made from petals
Let thy belly made from velvet cushion
Let thy eyes made from moonstone
Let thy temple carved from sandal wood
Let thy thighs made from monsoon clouds

This this this petals are thorny
O! My lips are bleeding
My lips become virgins

This this this belly as soft as infant flesh
Alas! She did warmth my icy fingers
Golden surface like a sunset on the ocean surface

My eyes burnt in to cat’s eye
Thy black retina beamed my eyes
O! I dive in her moonstone eye gel
Swimming into her heart
Burning in her desires

Thy saliva wet my lips
Like honey melted in honey moon
Thy smell air born my feelings
Thy look freezes my lust

My lips glued on her sandal wood temple
Motherly kiss
O I faint I faint I faint

My face buries in clouds
Heavy flesh rich darkened colossal pillars
Canal between two Grand Canyon
Flooding every moon month
Nurturing the bank canal
O! What a destiny I borrow
O! My prison in her heart
I am incarcerated
O! My heart is on fire
Multiple sleepless nights
Injecting my desires
To rent her lips
To touch her lady garments
My mind is in agony
O! My soul is buried

Thy love searches my love maketh our love
Thy lips search my lips maketh our kiss

My love

My love

If I bring you Roses
If I bring you kisses
If I bring you lust
If I bring you my love

I bring English Roses
As fresh as morning breeze
Next to queen’s castle
Dancing in the winter breeze

I bring you kisses
A rain of kisses
Pouring down onto your lips
Wild berry flavoured kisses

I bring you lust
Lust of desires
Stapling into nerves
Ripping through to the body faculties

I bring you my love
My love is like a Red Rose
Fragranced lingering smell
Virgin love
Born in the air and travel through the ocean

My love is like an endless ocean
My love is like a sky
With burning stars
My love is like sun and moon.

Summer love

Summer love

Red apricot flowers
Blooming in the garden end
The angel arrived in this garden

I saw an angels flying in the clouds
Wearing sliver shined garments
Singing in the melodious songs

Angels brought love to me
This, this, this love
From heaven to earth

Buried love

Buried love

Red roses of love
If I ask God “What Love brings to me“
Oh! What a consolable mind
Alas! Dragging me into more
Giving me mental prison
Love made me injured
Oh what a miserable, damnable and lamentable

Who gave me a fragranced love?
She made me stilled
Returning my love
Leaving crying heart

So I will bury my love
My love is naked
Alas! My love is valueless
Let my love get buried

Julie the lost Queen

Julie the lost Queen

Red roses of love
O Queen O Queen
Queen of my soul
Queen of destiny

Those ruby eyes
Shining into moon
Reflecting back to earth
Burning my desire

O lips! Those lipid lips
Red glossy painted lips
Honey waxed tasty lips
Sucking juicy lips

Thy queen of the princess
Who rented my soul?
Reading my heart
Reigning my castle

Julie the queen princess
The Goddess of the princess
Alas I faint I fail I die
In the kisses rain



Who caught my eyes?
Never before
Walking beauty
Cascading hair
Moonlight eyes
Rosy lips
Milky teeth

O God! Those melting Eyes burn my soul
Making me sick
Sick of love
Sick of passion

Alas! That Red lips
Perfectly curved
Red painted
Placing the image on my face muscles
Rising my feeling deep

That curvy figure
Excellent bone structure
The beauty, my mind put into deep sleep

Her tears made Diamond
Her eyes kill the darkness
Smile absorbed cries
Her presence lingers the world

O God!
I am sick I am sick, sick of love
Sick of her love
Sick of her fragranced body

You and Me

You and Me

Who came unexpected in my life
Breaking my heart, blurring my mind, exciting my desires
You breaking my lonely deserted life
O! I felt, I felt

Those brown eyes, cascading hair
Waking my Love memories
Never before
Keeping my feelings alive
Rising my wishes

Those icy kisses wet my body
Most curved figure
The she who made me crazy
Confusing my mind

Give me love, Love I need
Make me feel, the way you make me feel
Love, most pure

Our love is born on earth
Our virgin Love
Like morning blown Rose flower

If you were a flower I would become wind and kiss your petal lips
If you were moon I would become moonlight and hug your body
If you were beach I would become sea and come and kiss the beach

Sleeping in your warm laps
Sinking in the full moon night

Let me Kiss your heart, your lips and say my love

Tsunami the devil

Tsunami the devil

O!what a bloody life!
Pulling families, dragging into 'Blue water'
Shameless damn watered waves
Filled with tears
Wealth of thousands weeps
O! what a disastrous life they consumed!
Filled with acid bowels
Dried mouth
Salty lips

No clothes
No foods
No dressing rooms, no school dreams
No hopes

\Who said 'Golden sandy beach'?
No more silent sea
Thee sea, murderer who must be brought to justice
Sentencing to world end

When I die

When I die

Laying in the Ebony coffin
With deep silence
No breath I linger, No sight I consume
No Sound I hear yours
Heart stilled, stilled and stilled
Blood cold

Recalling my memories with yours
Overlapping mine with your heart beat
We loved, beloved and loved forever
Where is your heartbeat?
, Our love is forever
Till death do us apart
Promise we made is stilled

Let your sweet roses lay on my heart
Let your kisses wet my body
Let your blinking eyes sparkle my eyes
Let your love melt with my soul
These Roses fading on my coffin
Hurting me forever, echoing my cries and sprinkling my tears
Wet your heart and say "Good night sweet Princess" !!!

The Girl

The Girl

She is chubby
Staying next to abbey
Comes church to pray
Wearing dress coloured grey

Her eyes are blue
I have no clue
Whether it’s an ocean blue

She gave a smile
With what to reconcile
But like a glass of fragile

She is Juliet
Mother her is violet
Wearing tube dress delight
Catching everyone’s eye sight

She goes to primary
Where it is in Charlesbury
With her brother nursery

She got no friends to play
On each every summer day
Being on Sunday
Playing in the Mission bay

I met her in the church
But I forgot to greet much
But she smiles giving such
Bringing happiness of heart rich

Love for sale

Love for sale

Ilook for love
Looking through the supermarket display
Love for sale but no rain checks
This love is for sale
And reduced to clear

Love is for sale
Now seventy percent off
And expiring soon
With red label marked “Quick Sale”
But still fresh

Is love expired?
Is love damaged?
Is love useable?
Is love worth the money?

But no warranty on love
Buy at your own risk
Handle with care
But no refund please !

Thy soul maketh my soul

Thy soul maketh my soul

This graveyard where we met
Our souls departed
I, the chemist who loved most
The lady who was a chemist
Now lay in this coffin
Pouring chemicals into my coffin
I lay my body

This epitaph read “These two beloved couple silently lay on their souls”
Angels passing through our graveyard

Let my soul lay on your soul
And maketh our soul
Our love forever
From dawn to darkness
In this all-dead zone, all sleep region
I hear your voice, crying, painfully

O our soul in agony !

Who comes with many leaves nothing

Who comes with many leaves nothing

They come
They live
They depart

This nearly century life
Granted with luxury
But still complained
No happiness
No peace
Still worries

They complained
No sumptuous foods
Hardly surviving
Saving money

What a shameful life they lead
They eat money, sleep money
They digest money

O what a sleepless life
Money is locked
Money is protected
Money is God

No after life
No feel of sufferings

They computed all but nothing
Leaving this earth with nothing

Nothing, but nothing and nothing
And also nothing

Raped virgin

Raped virgin

The protected virgin
Begged for love
Promised for love
But not granted

O! What a heartless bloody human species
Cheating her
Abusing her in the public
Torturing her body, her soul
Her kindness mortgaged
This this filthy animal

Took her virgin body
Sucked her virgin blood
Abused her virgin feelings
Pollute her virgin smell

O! What a foul play
Playing on her
O! This unfaithful womanhood
Betraying my heart felt
Ignoring my advice

O! What a heart break
Decade plus seven years of agony
My heart wounded
My heart deserted
My heart betrayed

My anger is blooming
Nurturing your unfaithful fertile weed life
Killing my roots
Absorbing my passions

You claimed nothing
I claimed nothing



Isaw an angel
With no figure but mind
No shadow, no reflection

Angels with cloudy wings
Floating on the earth
But no visiting

O! Angel O! Angel
Angel from six heavens
Angel from mind only heaven
Angels from Body only heaven

Eating nothing



No rain
No sun No moon
No sun arrival
No moonlight

Sun become moon
Moon become swallowed

No baby cries
No heart beat
No smell of garments

Burning in the lonely dessert

Wild Gardenia

Wild Gardenia

Sweet roses, soft lilies
Wild gardenia
Do I compare thee into yours?

’ Roses are your lips
Embed with fragrance smell
But thorny

Those two soft lilies in the middle in the chest ocean
Wrap around scarlet ribbons
But always trying to pop out stubbornly

Wild gardenia
Grown in the river bank

Be my Valentine

Be my Valentine

Our first love
On this valentine day

You are the princess I sensed
You are the sweetheart I kissed
You are the angel I loved

This is my thousands kiss on your Rosy lips
Those tasty red lips
Let my kisses lay on your lips
Forever, forever and forever

Our love is pure
Our virgin love
Born in Red rose and blown in our hearts
Together you and me
To celebrate you and me

To my ever loving Darling
All my kisses and hugs
To say all my love
To hold you in my arms and kiss your petal lips
Under the honey moon, shiny Sun

This is my love to my sweet darling
To say “I LOVE YOU”

Digital love

Digital love

Facebook profiles
Youtube videos
Twitter SMS
Virtual love

Wifi letters
HTML mails
I googled her
In lovehappens

We met in hot Russian brides
Portrayed stunning body
Wearing pinky busty ribbon
Matching with little flower bikini

This blue eyed angel
Kneel down my soul
Requesting intimacy
Entrance to wild romance
Meeting eyes in video chat

Void life

Void life

Curtain closed
Vampires crawls on the ceiling
No human voice
No sun shines
No moonlight

Rotten fouls
Dead pigs
Slaughtered lambs

No water in the sink
Dried blood
Maggots wedded flesh
Mourning in the darkness
Echoing cries

Sleeping till become moon
Hunting moon become dark

No parole for human life
Till this Milky Way become null