the Elegy

My Poetry Collection

From heaven to earth…… till death recalls the life with eternity ©

the Elegy

Their cries, their agonies never been addressed
Their hearts bleed to death with an arrow of pain
Those who do not posses respect, dignity and care will be summoned to death

Nobody hears the sound of dropping tears from weeping eyes

the Elegy© is merely a collection of those weeping hearts
These days’ angels visit no earth. They are gone missing
Their curse is now present on earth
Betrayal, calamity and revenge fills in blood carrying spoiling brains become inhumane.

the Elegy© is what I saw what I felt and what I assumed and hardly imagined
This is where I am, the Elegy©, a poetic songs
Ever sung in the middle of an earth which lies between Heaven and hell

the Elegy© brings passion to anger
Peace to war
Love to hatred
White to black


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