the Elegy

My Poetry Collection

From heaven to earth…… till death recalls the life with eternity ©

the Elegy

Their cries, their agonies never been addressed
Their hearts bleed to death with an arrow of pain
Those who do not posses respect, dignity and care will be summoned to death

Nobody hears the sound of dropping tears from weeping eyes

the Elegy© is merely a collection of those weeping hearts
These days’ angels visit no earth. They are gone missing
Their curse is now present on earth
Betrayal, calamity and revenge fills in blood carrying spoiling brains become inhumane.

the Elegy© is what I saw what I felt and what I assumed and hardly imagined
This is where I am, the Elegy©, a poetic songs
Ever sung in the middle of an earth which lies between Heaven and hell

the Elegy© brings passion to anger
Peace to war
Love to hatred
White to black

About me

I am a Software engineer by profession
I have over 15 years experience in IT industry in the capacity of Developer, Analyst programmer, Assistant IT Manager, and Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft stack of technologies and Unix. I am also professionally qualified in Australian Computer Society as well as Microsoft Industry certifications in .NET platform.

I also undertake web design and development according to customer requirements using ASP.NET and HTML5

I write poems as a hobby in addition to reading and travelling
I won an international merit award for the poem called Red Rose in site in 2002.

Some of my poems published in site are:

  • Tusnami, the devil
  • When I die

I live in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

My poetry mainly focuses on romance, agony, isolation and sufferings, but I also write sensitive areas where imagination comes into my mind. I have very strong imagination and passion.

This web site is smooth blend of my gifted imagination and technology merging together along with powerful web development tools application. I am a Buddhist not also by my inheritance but also I believe what is truth is always truth.

but understanding the truth is far more difficult than what we think, what we realize. In order to understand the truth, you need wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge navigates the world, our existing milky way, but wisdom sees invisible. Modern science does not see invisible, not even smart enough to justify its existence. In order to see invisible objects or powers you need ultra-super powerful mind. Nothing is certain, even the results of uncertain things are uncertain.

Thusith Kathaluwage (NCC-UK, AACS, MCSE, MCAD.NET, MCP.NET)